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“My name is Adi and I’m An UX/UI Product Designer.

Raised in Jerusalem, married to Omer, currently living in Givatayim, Israel. I'm passionate about design, technology and innovation. I love finding creative solutions, Identifying trends and Integrate them in my designs into a new & unique user experience. I enjoy working as part of a team, experienced in working with engineers, understand HTML and CSS. Working with Adobe's Creative suit, Figma, other prototype platforms & website building platforms. I’m a curious person, Fast learner, Self thought,“pixel perfect” working level. Speak Hebrew and English.”



Hatsanhanim 19, Givatayim


work  experience

Aspire Global - UI Graphic designer /  2018 - 2019

Design creative concepts and visual Identities for online gaming brands. Web and mobile responsive design. Marketing Design: Branded advertising materials. Promotional Kits: social advertising campaign,  Mailers, Landing Pages, Banners. Illustrations for online games.

Starter Advertising Agency - Graphic designer & UI /  2017 - 2018

Design creative concepts and identities for online brands, Logos and visual language, Social advertising campaign: Landing  Pages, Banners. Branded materials (printed and digital). Following the clients everyday needs for design support.

UX/UI Designer - Freelance /  2016 - 2018

Design creative concepts Branding and visual Identities. Leading entire design process from concept tofinal launch, Designing and create full responsive grid systems.  Creating style-guides,  Wireframing lo-fi + hi-fi, Interactive/rapid prototyping via Figma/ XD. Designing full custom dashboard system (www.payper.co.il).I’ve lauren how to organize information and data in orderly manner so i can easily compare and analyze information effective ways. Marketing Design: Branded advertising materials, logos and visual language,Social advertising campaign: Mailers, Landing Pages, Banners. Following the clients everyday needs for design support.Some of the Companies I worked with: Pay-Per, Webgroup, Creative Clicks, Real-Leav, Laline, Multi-bagTechnologies 2014 Ltd, Booya Digital, Eisenberg-Eliash Investor Relations & Public Relations.

ADICITY my personal brand /  2015 - 2016

Leading entire design process from concept to final launch of the E-commerce website, Developing branding Identity,marketing materials design and social media campaigns, Creating responsive grid system. Creating internal management platform. I’ve Used SAAS platforms such ass Shopify and Mailchimp that provide services like E-mail solutions, order management, customer services, etc. I’ve developed a product management mindset,i can speak the need of the business read the business roadmap and can prioritize work based on user impact.

Shenkar College - Director of the Alumni Association /  2014 - 2015

Leading College Alumni Office, Connecting college graduates with industry officials, Creating new opportunities for Shankar alumni with the help of college management. Addressing the needs of fresh graduates. Worked with CRM SAAS platform.


Netcraft Academy

UX/UI - Visual Communications course
// 2019

Shenkar College of
Engineering & Design

Graduate B.Sc, Bachelor of Textile Design.
Majoring in Textile printing.
// 2011- 2014

The Open University

Second year: Economics &
Business Administration.
// 2008-2009
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